About me

About me: I am Uden Sherpa. At this point in time, i do everything and nothing. I work part time providing whatever skills (writing, research) that i have. I also volunteer at an NGO helping in the cause of Human Rights and rest of the time i am busy being a house wife. I love to read and write, see places, just have a good conversation… m crazy about dancing. I would like to pass my time just reading a good novel or hanging around.. see places with friends. Usually a good tempered person but i can get really angry at times.. 🙂 Those are rare though. 😛

I love history, meaning i have a tendency to be intrigued by old places, architectures, stories and just about anything that is a bit romantic. My dream is to travel as much as i can; seeing places, learning their stories and living it.

About the blog: Well this blog is just an expression of my personal experiences, i translate them into poems and pieces of write ups . Writing helps put things in perspective plus it is fun to do so too.  Well i will let you be the judge of it.



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