Coconuts and Boats, Part II of God’s Own Country

Going on from the small hill station of Munar to Allappuzha also known as Alleppey, I am super excited by the fact that soon, i will be kicking back on a house boat cruising along the famous backwaters of Kerala, eating the best sea food and enjoying the strange scenery. 😛 I am no stranger to living in harmony with nature, coming from Bhutan where nature plays a big role in the formation of your cultural beliefs and way of life. But in Kerala, the way people have moulded their life with water surrounding them that everything is either a result of their vast network of waterways or a part of it is really impressive. Especially in the backwaters of Alleppey, i could see villages on small strip of lands along the canals. Every household would have a boat to travel with and a small dock area in front. Imagine boats instead of cars. 🙂

I promised myself that i would be eating seafood and drinking coconut water all the way. No more cafe for me although i did cheat a bit during the last few days. A bit of coffee to save my caffeine addicted self.



Stopping on the way for coconut water. Healthy and Tasty.


Fishing on the way to thekaddy.. we didn’t have big hopes though we thought we might catch atleast one 😛


On the set of “Khasmir meh, tu Kanyakumari”.

I love Chenai express (hindi movie :P), the movie itself is so colourful and scenery so beautiful. I was ecstatic to see this beautiful road into the Satrum reserve at Thekaddy flanked by tea gardens on both sides, on which one of the songs of the movie was shot. Yes, i am playing that now on youtube. 😉


The rolling hills of the Satrum Reserve

At Alleppey, before we checked in to the hotel, we stopped at one of the toddy bars. It was quite late and we were tired, but how could we miss it. Toddy is this sweet alcoholic beverage and is actually the sap from a coconut palm tree. It is famous in Alleppey and anyone going there must try it. It was not much to my liking though, a tad sweeter than i thought it would be but the food is amazing. The prawn curry we had was spiced with black pepper and very flavourful. They say that Toddy bars make the best curries.


House boat at Alleppey


Village by the canal


A simple meal prepared by our host. Paste of coconut, yoghurt and banana with fried vegetables, tomato paste and papadum.


Hawa beach at Kovallum by the Arabian sea


Trivenesangum, the point where three waters of Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea meet.

Our last few days were spent at Kovallum beach from where we had planned to put in day trips to Trivandapuram and Kanyakumari. Catching few days of sunshine, beach, fruits and coconut drink with lots and lots of tasty sea food, it was a good way to wrap up our journey to Kerala. I loved Kerala and maybe i will visit again, if my resources permit it. 😉 But i am already dreaming of my next trip. There were lots of fun memories and many things i learned, mostly that it is truly “Gods own Country”, a beautiful and varied place with kind people and amazing food.


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