Random Thoughts

Its August in Thimphu and i am on my bed, taking my morning time out to write a bit on my blog and in my mind. Pen and paper have become a thing of the past, its a wonder that schools still use pen and paper. Pretty soon it will be replaced by computers/gadgets that will promise to give you better experience, efficiency and still keep the charm of writing using pen and paper. Anyways as i think of what to write for my next blog, which is this one, which today i have decided to do an experiment, not plan and just write whatever i can think of as i sit in front of my laptop and type into it. I am thinking a dozen thoughts. Thoughts about pen and paper being replaced leads me to think about how i learned to use type writer just recently. Now thats an anomaly; most people i imagine would have learned to use a type writer before a computer. Do not even start on why i had to do it, i think it is enough to say that i am just grateful that laptops were invented.

And again back to my train of thoughts,  Now i am thinking about kindle but hey i don’t want to be thinking about technology anymore. 😛 I have a better thing to share. I just saw an acrobatic performance of a beetle, smallish round heavy insect that it is, i thought it wouldn’t be able to lift itself up as it had somehow landed itself on its back. Just as i was about to assist it to get back on its feet, much to my surprise, it just swung its two back legs with a big swish and voila, on its feet again. I am amazed at its natural skills of acrobatics which leads me to think of Charles Darwin and natural selection. How every survival feature developed as a process of natural selection, its amazing. Speaking of amazing, now i am thinking of the only flaw of this evolution process; child birth for women. Before modern science and medicine, many women did die during child birth. Child birth used to be dangerous.

Now, where was I? I had almost forgotten the point of my first sentence, which is to say that fall has begun with august. Leaves are still intact but cold has definitely seeped in. Day before i couldn’t sleep because my feet wouldn’t get warm, so last night i soaked my feet in hot water for almost 20 minutes before jumping into my covers. I must remind myself to buy a hot water bag. Outside the sun is yet to shine and i can hear the labourers gossiping and going about their work (which is quite noisy) on a construction site just beside our house as they hurry to make deadlines before winter sets in and work is halted. Do i want to now go on about the many new construction projects in and around Thimphu which is fast developing and in between a city and a village. What is it? I think i will stop now before i bore you with many circles that lead from one to next and back again on whatever i am thinking. It has truly been a random rambling but i hope you might, a teeny weeny bit enjoy reading? 😉 Otherwise just quote Sheldon. e4cd27c2ce1af83265300799704fc1e3

Until next time.

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