Expert at Moving House


55d7d880015862ea5bab3f34248449e0(picture from pinterest)

Ugg!! Not really. Got you with that one. 😛 You did think that since this is the third time we are moving house in the span of a year and a half, we would become experts and moving would be a breeze. Well not really. It takes a lot of planning and organizing like, looking at advertisements, fixing appointments for viewing, starting to pack things you least need, throwing stuffs you don’t need anymore, making a note to help you remember to change address as soon as you move etc etc. With time, ordinary humans like us who succumb to the need to buy more and more things end up accumulating more and more stuffs, which in the end comes back to you. Imagine organizing and packing all your stuffs. Then there is the unpacking and setting up at the new place. Whoa a lot of work.

After almost 3 weeks of house hunting, looking over millions of advertisements (I am exaggerating there now, but you get a the picture), and dozens of viewing with disappointments, we finally find a place we like at Tanjong Pagar. We are still organizing our stuffs and trying to find all the tricks of living in the neighbourhood like shortcuts to mrt, nearest ntuc, malls, clinics and off course hawker centre. Yes we do need food. 😉

Just over a week now, and we are still settling in our new place but we are glad to have a quiet and nice neighbourhood with plenty of peaceful walking routes for evening walks. We look to being nicely settled here until off course its time to move again. 😛

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