Happiness for me

Everywhere around the world, everyone is in search of happiness. But what is happiness. Dictionary or rather google (the modern dictionary :P) defines it as being in the state of happy which is a feeling of showing contentment or pleasure. A simple enough definition isn’t it. Yes but it holds such importance in our life that this is the focus of everyone’s lives. So here I go trying to define my own happiness.

Hmmm.. So let me start by saying I am an unhappy person and I am not ashamed of it. I have often wondered on my own happiness and unhappiness for that matter. I dwell on my sadness. I nurse it, treasuring every moment, making every second last ages. I enlarge my worries under the microscope of my mind, ever-expanding in the vastness of my unending thinking capability. Yes, I didn’t even understand what I just wrote, but you get the point.

But then, when I am happy which is rare, (:P) it is often not from having my troubles removed, or having great success in things I have always desired. I think happiness comes from being grateful. It is so simple that we take being grateful for granted. I wonder when was the last time I was grateful for this life, for the support of my family, for friends that I can call upon, for the food in my plate, for the delicious coffee that I am having right now, for having someone to talk to everyday, for rain on my rooftop, for the trees in my backyard, for a wonderful book to read, for just about everything that I can do.

Yes from today, I am grateful…

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